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Castletownbere Road, Glengarriff, Cork
6 Bedroom Detached Property in Glengarriff, West Cork on beautiful Beara Peninsula....
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Te Aroha, Glengarriff, Cork
Unique property in Glengarriff with 5.5 acres of private old oak woodland with breathtaking sea, isl...
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Bluebell Creek House, Glengarriff, Cork
Traditional-styled 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom country home sitting on two acres of mature land, borderd b...
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Glengarriff Area Description

GLENGARRIFF [West Cork] - translated from [An Gleann Garbh] in Irish/Gaelic meaning "The Rugged Glen" - is a truly cosmopolitan village situated in a glacially deepened valley in West Cork on the South West Coast of Ireland. Glengarriff is nestled by the foothills of the Caha Mountain range and its climate is mild and temperate due to the Jet Stream which warms the waters of Bantry Bay.

The uniquely mild climate, means that vegetation thrives in this unique environment, and Gorse, Fuschia, Rhododendrons, and Camelias grow vigourously and cover the hillsides and valleys in this area. Glengarriff is also one of the few areas in the British Isles which still retains much of the ancient woodlands which once covered these islands. Given the unique woodlands in the area the state has designated large tracts of forestry as a protected National Nature Reserve and the reserve located just outside the village provides spectacular woodland walks, waterfalls, rocky moorlands, and ancient woodlands with many trees up to 1000 years old ! This magnificent reserve was once the property of Lord Bantry but is now a public amenity with miles of walks, picnic areas and river trails etc

In summer many visitors from all around the globe, flock to the area to enjoy the many pleasures of West Cork such as our unique flora and fauna, angling, sailing, whale watching, woodland walks, garnish island and adventure holidays amongst many others. The stunning natural beauty of the area means that many nationalities have made Glengarriff their home all year round, and the cosmopolitan nature of the area is evident in a vibrant arts and social scene throughout the year.

Garnish Island - the jewel of Glengarriff is Garnish Island. Located in the the sheltered waters of Glenarriff's deep water harbour. Garnish Islans is a major tourist attraction and is one of the finest cultivated island gardens in Europe. The island can be reached by a short ferry trip from the harbour in the village.

Glengarriff village also has an amenity area called the Blue Pool, which is a stunning coastal woodland area with many walks and viewpoints offering a terrific way to explore the many inlets of glengarriff harbour on foot.

Glengarriff Harbour - located in the village is a truly magnificent natural harbour. The harbour has many of tiny islands and offers an ideal environment for sailing, diving and swimming. During the season Cruise Liners also drop anchor in the harbour.

Ancient Monuments - Many ancient monuments are located in and around the glengarriff area such as dolmens, cairns, and standing stones.

Source : Glengarriff.ie

Glengarriff House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2017-08-14 Currakillane, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 105000
2017-08-02 Reenmeen East, Glengarriff, Cork € 525000
2017-07-22 Shrone, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 215000
2017-07-18 Muccurragh, Glengarriff, Cork € 157500
2017-07-07 Rougham, Glengarriff, Bantry € 55000
2017-06-28 Bocarnagh, Glengarriff, Cork € 660000
2017-06-21 Shrone House, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 190000
2017-05-29 9 Mountain View, Dromgarriff, Glengarriff, P75 NX94 € 120000
2017-05-23 Derryconnery, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 200000
2017-05-05 23 Mountain View, Glengarriff, Cork, P75 NW98 € 110000
2017-05-05 Shrone, Glengarriff, Cork € 240000
2017-05-03 7 Harbour View, Glengarriff, Co Cork, P75 AY80 € 83700
2017-03-24 1 Riverside, Glengarriff, Co Cork, P75 VH59 € 125000
2017-03-09 Reenmeen West, Glengarriff € 630000
2017-02-10 15 Garinish Court, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 78000
2016-12-30 4 Riverside, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 70000
2016-12-22 1 Dalewood, Glengarriff, Bantry € 95000
2016-11-08 6 Mountain View, Glengarriff, Co Cork, P75 T678 € 105000
2016-11-02 The Barony, Glengarriff, County Cork € 900000
2016-10-27 3 Harbour View, Glengarriff, Co Cork, P75 YW22 € 80500
2016-10-14 Rougham, Glengarriff, Cork € 120000
2016-09-16 Mountain Suddar, Glengarriff, Co Cork € 92500
2016-08-05 Derrynagarrig, Glengarriff, Cork € 85000
2016-07-15 Shrone Lodge, Shrone, Glengarriff € 349950
2016-07-14 Kenmare Rd, Glengarriff, Cork € 260000
2016-06-30 Crostera West, Glengarriff, Cork € 75000
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